posted March 6, 2012

Brooklyn-based Ninjasonik has officially released their No Swords or Masks EP today. Reverend McFly and Telli Gramz turn a keen ear to this record, incorporating production from David Sisko, Soundwaave, and Plain Pat among others. No Swords Or Masks firmly nails down musical ideas that Ninjasonik have explored on their previous releases. Lyrically, the duo has never been sharper- though subject matter primarily touches on women, partying, and partying with women- proficient wordplay and cadence align them with the best hip-hop spitters. Verses from Mr. Starcity, Ifsonive, Daniel Merriweather, Shyvonne & Johnny on The Rocks (of Rocky Business) seal the deal.

The official music video for “Turned Up”, directed by Jason Goldwatch, is coming soon. Stay tuned for more from Ninjasonik. This is only the beginning.

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No Swords Or Masks Tracklisting

1) Turned Up
2) In And Out (ft. Mr. starcity)
3) Girls Of The World (ft. Mr.Starcity & Ifsonive)
4) Billion Quid (ft. Mr.Starcity)
5) Around The World (ft. Daniel Merriweather)
6) Only If You Want To (ft. Shyvonne & Johnny on The Rocks [of Rocky Business])
7) Gave It Everything