posted February 8, 2013


We’re proud to present Detroit rapper Boldy James’ six track EP “Grand Quarters”, released March 5 on Decon. Following his acclaimed mixtape “Consignment: Favor For A Favor”, 2013 sees Boldy in full swing. In addition to this EP – featuring the Chuck Inglish-produced “For The Birds” and the Blended Babies-produced “One of One”, Boldy’s debut album produced entirely by The Alchemist will also be available later this year.

Pre-order NOW to receive an immediate download of the debut single “For the Birds” including regular, clean and instrumental versions.

1. One of One
2. For the Birds
4. Gettin’ Flicked
5. Come Here feat. Peechie Green
6. I Can Pull It Off feat. Poppy Bricks and Kevo Da Kid