posted February 26, 2013

Jah Jah Brown - Ninja Sonik

When he’s not tearing down stages or expanding his extremely extensive collection of snapbacks – seriously he has over 1,200 – you can find Ninja Sonkik’s Jah Jah Brown, a.k.a Ben Robey, making moves in the art world.

Jah Jah recently teamed up with a group of fellow Brooklyn artists to create a brand new installation entitled Headscapes. It will be on display in an old warehouse in Long Island City, Queens March 2nd-24th.

The installation aims to capture what exactly goes on inside the head of artist and makes that space a reality for others to experience.

To get the full details on the show check out the Headscapes website and be on the lookout for Ninja Sonik’s new album “Peter Pan Syndrome” dropping soon on Decon Records!