posted May 9, 2013


Evidence is well known for his musical and lyrical contributions to the venerable hip-hop group Dilated Peoples, and also as a remarkable solo artist. His debut solo album, The Weatherman was an acclaimed effort that saw a fully-formed artist defining himself. Ev employed this dedication to quality throughout Cats & Dogs, his second solo album, as well as numerous collaborations with immensely talented musicians like The Beastie Boys,, The Alchemist, Aceyalone and, most notably, Kanye West (work that won him a Grammy).

A rap fiend with an itchy MPC finger, the man born Michael Perretta has always been hyper-productive, and that inclination is most evident in the ongoing series of beat albums he’s trickled out in recent years. Green Tape Instrumentals is a collection of music mostly written and released from 2006 to 2010 along with a few unreleased tracks and follows the similarly-named Yellow Tape InstrumentalsPurple Tape Instrumentals , and his 2007 Decon release Red Tape Instrumentals. The album is a response to those wanting Ev’s beats to rhyme over and serves as an outlet for Ev to flex the full talent he has lent to others by creating a cohesive collection of tracks that builds out a lyric-less story. The latest release features 20 cuts of thunderous drums and deft sample chops that showcase Ev’s beat-making prowess- it’s almost good enough to make you forget he’s one of the most lyrically adept rappers on the West Coast too (when he wants to be).


1. Self Taught
2. Killer Bees
3. Run It Back
4. Waste Of Time
5. Roc Germany
6. West Coasting
7. F Train
8. 3 Murals
9. First Light
10. Braille
11. Break!
12. India
13. His Country
14. Before Tour
15. Scrolling
16. Synth Moments
17. Good Evening
18. Mariachi
19. Bong
20. Scary Clown Music