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Having cut his teeth in ciphers in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, Alexander Spit relocated to Los Angeles 2 years ago and over the course of the subsequent 2 mix-tapes and an instrumental masterpiece (last summer’s Mansions), he’s now offering a distillation of his craft on his debut commercial full length, A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside. Completely self-produced and awash in head-spinning, hallucinatory subject matter and aural stimulants, as the name suggests, the album is an exercise in psychedelia from a consummate Californian, characterized by tales of women, weed, and whips seemingly scrawled on blotter paper. With a carefully groomed track list featuring only a few choice MCs and members of his immediate clique, the LP is a focused effort, a fully realized, vibrant vision that immerses the listener in the alternately sun soaked and nocturnal lifestyle of a casual drug user and a very serious musician.