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The Brooklyn based duo, Ninjasonik, comprised of frontman Telli and DJ turned vocalist Jah-Jah, rose to prominence after their first mixtape made its way through the skate and party scenes, ultimately finding a home on the internet where it got plenty of download love. Audiences connect with their amalgamation of harsh, fast beats, lyrically laden flows, cheeky lyrics and self described “Brooklyn” attitude, coupled with their unique fashion sense and high voltage live shows, that ultimately have become their calling card.

These musical maestros are set to unsheathe their first Decon project, the No Swords or Masks EP. The record features cameos from notable artists such as Daniel Merriweather and Mr. Starcity. Production on the album is equally beefy with helping hands from David Sisko, Soundwaave, and Plain Pat among others.

Ninjasonik’s fast-paced infusion of punk, hip hop, and electro is exemplified in their latest work. Beats upward of 140 bmp showcase the duos ability to spin blistering rhymes over their electro-influenced upbringing.

Telli says “No Swords or Masks is our strongest body of work, consisting of original songs that express every aspect of what Ninjasonik represents.” He went further on to describe that “We tapped into so many genres of music, really giving a fresh perspective on hip-hop.”

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